Finian O’Connor – Weight-loss Client and ACLAÍ Client of the Month September 2014

My ultimate goal on joining ACLAÍ was to lose some weight and get fit. What I enjoy the most at ACLAÍ is that I learn something new or push myself that bit further every session and there’s a huge sense of reward even if I’ve had a particularly ‘challenging’ session! The coaches really know how to push boundaries that bit further all the time and not afraid to focus on a particular movement/detail if needs be. They’re also very encouraging and take the time to talk you through anything if you need to. I have seen a huge increase in mobility, strength and general fitness and my biggest achievement thus far has been losing 2% body fat so far! I also hit a PB recently – knocked 30 seconds off my sled push!

If you’re looking to really change your fitness/nutrition/life in general…join ACLAÍ! Change isn’t easy by any means but ACLAÍ are there to help. You’ll receive the best in personal training that’s tailored to you with regular ‘check-in’s along the way to help re-assess your progress (…and your challenges!). Can’t recommend them enough!