Its not all about the hard grind at ACLAÍ. Learning about food, getting together for the fun of it, reading, and getting active outside are all a big part of our approach. We will add dates to this page as the events are coming up, so keep checking back!

Real Bia

We wont lie, we love to train! We also love food at ACLAÍ, and that is why we have started a regular food club. Each month we host a food workshop with its very own unique theme, and share thoughts, idea’s, recipes, and chats about all things food. So far we have hosted workshops on growing your own fruit and vegetables, artisan single origin coffee brewing, and creating, eating, and sharing Sri Lankan curry and eating it with our hands! You can join our Real Bia Facebook group here.

Books and Coffee @ ACLAÍ

Once per month, we run our personal development themed book club. It has been going for well over a year now, and has been an absolute pleasure to be a prat of so far! Books vary from month to month, and everyone is welcome to attend even if you have not read the book of the month. The chats are always great, and we usually head to teh Douglas Farmers Market afterwards from some locally roasted coffee and a treat! The book club is a totally free monthly event. You can also join our Book and Coffee Facebook group here.

A Night Just for the Craic

This is our newest bright idea at ACLAÍ! A night where you can come on your onw of with friends and take part in a variety of activties from table tennis, chess, a bit of movement practice, read books, listen to music, try your hand at a bit of hoola hooping, or just come up and let the hair down for a bit.

Open Strength and Movement Session

A couple of times per month, we have open sessions where everyone is welcome to come and train with us. These are among our favourite sessions of teh week as we get to train together with our members and also see some new faces! Every level is welcome to the open sessions and you will be under the instruction of an ACLAÍ coach for 2 hours. The open session is only €15 if you are just dropping in as a once off, and absolutely free if you are a current personal training member at ACLAÍ. You can check out the next open session date and book your spot by clicing on this link. 

Cumann Rothaíochta an Fhir Iarainn/ The Iron Man Cycling Club

If you want to get into cycling and/ or want to join a group where you can use your cúpla focail Gaeilge then join us on our next spin. getting out and about on a bike is a great way to stay fit. We started this cycling group in honour of our close friend Mick ‘The Iron Man’ Murphy, who passed away in September 2015 after a life well lived! Mick achieved legendary status as a cyclist, winning An RÁS, as a weightlifter, circus performer, wrestler, bricklayer, and all round hidden national treasure. All levels are welcome to attend, as long as you have a bike, a helmet, and are ready for a bit of fun. Irish is the main language of the spins with our cycling group, but of course you dont have to be fluent or even near fluent to attend!