It has been a few weeks since the initial post about Eddie Hennessy’s quest to lose weight and regain function in his right hand side after a sever stroke 4 years ago. Eddie really has taken the bull by the horns with his program and has already lost 2.5 kilos, and is feeling more energetic during the day since starting the program. The main focus of eddies program at the minute are to:


–       increase his daily energy levels

–       improve his general movement patterns

–       improve balance

–       improve negative nutrition habits that have been developed over the years.


We have also started using a heart rate monitor to track the intensity of Eddie’s workouts, so hopefully we will have some nice heart rate data for a post in the near future. Anyway, below is Eddie’s next video post. Have a look at it to see how he is getting on.





PS all the supportive comments after the last post were brilliant. The more encouragement the better!