Damien Cahill – Skydiver and ACLAI Client of the Month, June 2014

My health and fitness goal when first joining ACLAI was initially to lose weight and get fit, but what I received was an education into a healthier lifestyle. The tailored program for each individual is invaluable. It focuses on the individual member, their strengths and weaknesses and sets about improving your whole body in tandem. Having a coach present is also a must for me but with other people in the class to share the pain it is fun more than work!

For me getting my weight and body fat down was a great achievement. I am now keeping below 90kg, something I thought would be impossible. Also I feel that I could trim a little more off so the results have been fantastic for me and my confidence. Also as I have taken a new direction in my sport being fitter and stronger is a massive advantage for what I do. For anyone thinking of joining ACLAÍ I would say ‘do it!’ The facility and people here will get you to where you have been wanting and trying to get for years! They really will be the difference.