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ACLAÍ’, pronounced ‘ack-lee’ is the Irish word for fit, or athletic. Founded in 2013, by Ainle Ó Cairealláin, ACLAÍ is at the forefront of a fresh approach to personal training and healthy lifestyle coaching. The ACLAÍ approach is based on a unique style of physical training and skill learning, eating and sharing real food, and fostering a positive lifestyle approach.

As well as developing a training system that helps build pain free movement, new skill, and added strength, we have our own book club, food group, and occasional cycle group. Our focus is to blend scientific principle with basic practicality, and a measure of creativity, to produce a high quality, ethical, and enjoyable experience for our members.

We have 4 major cornerstones to our approach, which include:

  • Coaching Quality Movement
  • Encouraging Real Food for Real Life
  • Creating Positive Change
  • Leading By Example


Our mission is to help every one of our members  to build a strong and healthy body and mind, overcoming all the challenges along the way.


The main values that guide us at ACLAÍ include maintaining the highest possible standard of QUALITY in everything that we do, providing an ENJOYABLE and fun experience for all of our members, and maintaining a high ETHICAL standard in all that we do.



Our training approach is influenced by the world of strength and conditioning, gymnastics training, Olympic weightlifting, power lifting, bodyweight training, movement training, kettlebell training, and additional methods that we have been exposed. It boils down to providing our members with a program that fits with their individual goals and level of ability, and allows them to progress in the most effective way. Our training sessions are generally 60 minutes long, and are always under the guidance of an ACLAÍ coach. Our training approach is built to last, and designed to allow you to enjoy training and be healthy for years to come, regardless of what limitations you may have at the outset.

Each member at ACLAÍ has their own individualised training program. Most of the training is performed with a maximum of 4 members and 1 coach, so that every members gets the coaching and attention that they need to improve in every session. We also do some 1-1 coaching, depending on the needs of the member.


We love real food. We do not do supplements, and we love to eat Gelato on a Saturday at the Farmer’s Market. Our approach to food is based on balancing great food, with the foods that we associate more often that not with being ‘bad for us’, while avoiding that feeling of being on a restrictive diet. It works every time!

Over the years we have established a great relationship with local farmers, chef’s, and producers, and we love to encourage people to buy high quality, locally produced foods. In a world full of fast food, we prefer slow food!


As a coaching team, we love what we do. Building a world class personal training facility in Cork is our main objective as a team. We invest heavily in our personal and professional development as coaches, and do everything we can to walk the walk and follow the same advice that we provide for our members. Read more about our coaching team below


Ainle Ó Cairealláin


Loves hurling, table tennis, and twirling the ends of his moustache

Ainle is the founder and Managing Director of ACLAÍ. He has worked with the Senior Cork Footballers as Head Strength and Conditioning coach, the Adelaide Crows Football Club in Australia, and also for Na Piarsaigh Hurling and Football Club, Cork.

Ainle has contributed Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, and works as a lecturer with Setanta College. Previously he has lectured at the University of Limerick, and is also regularly called upon as the ‘expert in the field’ by various national and local media outlets including TG4, RTE, BBC, Raidió na Gaeltachta, and the print media.

In the sporting field, Ainle has played hurling for county Antrim at all levels from Under 14 to Senior, and for Na Piarsaigh, Cork. He has also competed in Olympic Weightliting, and Triathlon.


  • Sports and Exercise Sciences (Hons), University of Limerick, 2007
  • Research Masters in Biomechanics/ Strength and Conditioning, University of Limerick 2011.
  • NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, 2009
  • Level 1 Precision Nutrition Coach, 2012
  • Functional Movement Systems Coach, 2011


Mark Eaton


Loves Handstands, Kinsale, and a good snapback cap

Mark, a BSc undergraduate in Sports and Exercise Science at University Limerick and certified in IRFU Level 1 Strength & Conditioning,  joined the ACLAÍ coaching team in 2013 as part of his second year study placement program.

Mark has coached young GAA & Soccer players at various Camps throughout the years and his now currently working with his own GAA club and the Cork minor Camogie team.

Having been involved in sports throughout his life, Mark has a keen interest in strength, conditioning and movement, and in particular, the areas of injury-prevention, nutrition, the physiological and biomechanical demands of sports and the science behind athletic development.

Mark’s own sporting background is varied, and he has enjoyed success in soccer and Tae Kwon Do in which he received his first Dan Black Belt at the age of 15. Mark also has an All-Ireland Medal for Vocational B School’s hurling with his school Kinsale Community School and currently plays gaelic football with The University of Limerick and his own local club, Kinsale.


  • BSc in Sports and Exercise Science (University of Limerick)
  • IRFU Level 1 Strength & Conditioning


Shakira Coonghe


Loves Boxing, gelato, and Woodside Farm’s pulled pork baps

Shakira is a graduate of Sport and Exercise Science with an honours degree in the University of Limerick. She is passionate about coaching,strength and conditioning, food, physiology, anatomy and psychology.

Shakira has trained in Taekwondo for 14 years in which she received her second degree blackbelt and represented Ireland in International Taekwondo competitions in Slovenia, Italy, Slovakia, Poland and Sweden. She quickly gained interest in strength and conditioning when she starting training and competing in Olympic Weightlifting at University. Her main sport is boxing which she competes in with Douglas boxing club. She teams this with movement , strength and gymnastics training which she has shown a keen interest in.

Shakira’s passion lies in getting people to move better, honing in on form and technique. She also loves to cook and has an event in Aclai once a month called Real Bia which covers cooking, growing your own food and learning about food from different local cooks, gardeners,chefs,farmers,baristas and food lovers.


  • Sports and Exercise Sciences (Hons), University of Limerick, 2015
  • Olympic Weightlifting coaching certificate level one.