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Get in touch today to book a complementary in-person consultation, and develop the road-map for your success. I have limited spaces each week for consultations, so if you are serious about finally achieving your potential, fill in the form below, and we will contact you within the next 24 hours to book you in. ACLAÍ is all about bringing the personal touch together with the knowledge and expertise that will get you to where you want to be. Whether your goal is sports related, health related, or you just want to get back to being active, we have been there and done that. With our unique training system, we will build you an individualised training program and help you build a free-moving, healthy body, and great nutrition habits to support your goals. 

We would love to help you achieve your health, fitness, or sports performance goals. We cater for people just like you on a daily basis, and have made the process as simple as possible to get started!

1. FREE Consultation

Your fitness journey starts here. To ensure you’re on the right path, take a moment to discuss your goals with one of our expert teammates and, together, create a “roadmap” to your success.

2. Comprehensive Assessment

We have an outstanding team of staff, trainers, clients and members waiting to be your support system of accountability and motivation. We will bring you through a comprehensive assessment and build you the perfect program! 

3. Results Based Training

After your assessment, we will build a training program to suit your current levels of mobility, ability, fitness, and movement. Your program will bring you closer to your goals with each session, and will be constantly monitored and updated as you progress. 

4. Achieve your Goals!

Whatever your goal is… we are here to support you in that journey. Every day we help our members achieve brilliant results. Whether you want to slim down, tone up, reduce blood pressure, eliminate high cholesterol, regain lost energy, win national championships, or regain vitality and confidence in yourself, we have the answer! Get in touch right now, and book your consultation.


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