We’re delighted to award Liz Bugler with her ACLAÍ Client of the Month certificate as a reward for her dedication and determination in sticking with her ACLAÍ training program!

Liz Bugler has been with us a client here at ACLAÍ for close to a full year and in that time has gone from being a total novice to strength and conditioning training to a pistol-squatting sensation. Liz first joined us at ACLAÍ with the goal of improving her athletic performance as a camógie player and with dedication and consistency of training has gone from strength to strength. Liz is living proof of how taking small and steady steps can lead to long-term and lasting success both on and off the field.

Check out Liz’s Success Story and see how by applying the advice of the ACLAÍ coaches in her nutrition and training regime Liz has achieved above and beyond her expectations.