First day of the camp  has just finished. We trained for around 6 hours today. This is going to be quite a short blog, because tomorrow, we will do 8!

Today I got to attend a 2.5 hour training session with my own Coach John, and Joesph. We worked on balancing, jumping, and strength work. This was the first session of the day, and it was outside. The Thailand climate sure wasn’t designed for Irish skin and the heat was deadly, but it was great to get a chance to meet up and train under John in person as all of our communication since we started working together was on email.

After lunch, I was straight into a 2.5 hour session with Ido. This session was call ‘Out There’, and that it was! We worked on some arm swinging variations to get started, then moved on to basic footwork drills, and then onto a series of partner exercises where the object was to move in response to your partners movements. This was followed by about 25 minutes of partner assisted strength work. To be a part of this session was awesome on a few major fonts. Firstly, and most obviously, being coached by Ido, and practicing the range of routines and drills. Learning the technique, and exploring the fun and challenges that they present would make the session worthwhile in itself. However, as with pretty much anything to do with the Movement Camp, there is a deeper story to tell and a greater connection to be made with the human body than simply performing this or that exercise for the sake of it. This type of movement speaks to your inner primitive voice. The one that requires alertness, sharpness, and precision for survival. It provides a focus that can be easily missed by the business of everyday life. The footwork drills are clearly related to our ability to avoid danger in everyday life, and the arm swinging exercises are a great way to relieve unwanted energy-burning muscles tension, as well as helping the optimal expression of power through the arms. Feeling the movement instead of trying to force the movement means that you are operating on a kind of auto-pilot that cuts down on the time it takes to execute the move, and increases the efficiency, power, and accuracy of your movement.

From my own personal perspective, and with training progress, I made a big break-through today in my session with Jonny and Joseph. I was able to complete full range chin ups for the first time in months after a long process of shoulder rehab. The rehab process is not over yet, but it felt great to be pulling my own weight up again. In Ido’s class, the partner exercises really changed the mood in the room, and I would definitely not be the only one who felt that the session took off after that. It was as if there was no real thinking involved once we got into it Just moving and fun.

Another big plus for me was partnering up with Stephen Jepsen during the first training session of the day. This guy is an inspirational figure, and really reminded me of our own Mick Murphy when listening to him talk about his exploits and limitless vision for what can be achieved when the mind is directed in the right way. At 75 years old, he did a full session that included balance work, jumping and landing, chin ups and press ups. He is giving us a lecture tomorrow, which is going to be a highlight of this camp.

Tomorrow is a big day here, with 3 training sessions, and the lecture from Stephen. Its 10.20pm, so I am away off to bed!

PS The food is on point here and the water consumption is high! Sunscreen is being applied like its going out of fashion. Also, time is short during the day for taking photos. I am planning a photo rampage sometime soon to make up for it. Until next time!