Health supplements. Do you seriously think that you can get objective, independent, and honest advice from a person/ company/ gym/ shop that SELLS supplements to make money?!

Its an industry, and you are the customer.

Regardless of how sound or honest you feel the person is who is giving you advice, if they are making money from the transaction then there is a vested interest in getting you to buy THEIR PRODUCT.

I see ‘sports nutrition shops’ that have zero food on the shelves, and are full with powders capsules, and pills. I see ‘weight loss centres’ that automatically sign you up for expensive monthly subscriptions for some sort of shake or bar or another. Its time to wake up and realise that FOOD REAL FOOD is what makes us healthy. Its what we are made to eat, and what we need to eat on so many levels. You can fool yourself into falling for the marketing nonsense of the supplement industry, but all you are doing is making some company that wants to make a buck off you richer, making yourself poorer, and making sure that you stay in a constant state of ill health, with a poor relationship to food, and a slave to the next marketing campaign that is targeted in your direction from so called health food companies.

If you are low on energy, over weight, over-eating, over-drinking, over-working, under-resting, inactive, and feeling older than your years, its not because you are not taking the right supplement. Its because your not eating the right food, your relationship with food needs to be more positive, your don’t move enough, and you have not yet decided to take control and responsibility of your health.

You can be healthy, in-shape, confident, and happy with how you look and feel by eating real whole foods, getting into the routine of partaking in an enjoyable form of training, and moving more in general from day to day. Drink water, sleep well, be spontaneous, read books, and enjoy the time you have with the people you love the most.

This article is by Ainle Ó Cairealláin MSc CSCS.

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