Running and jogging are becoming more popular by the day as a recreational activity and as a source of getting fit for people all over the world. In general terms, this is great, because more people are exercising and enjoying being out on the road. Unfortunately, there is one major thing that upsets me when I think of people out running, and it pains me slightly when I see some people out running the roads. That is, most runners look like they are in pain when they are running. Limbs are flying everywhere, and its clear as day that the hips are overly tight is certain areas, and that they have not got the mobility to run with comfort. Because of this tightness and weakness, runners often end up with back pain, hip pain, knee pain, or ankle pain.


To address this issue in some way, I have put together a series of mobility exercises that should be done before heading out for a run. If you are someone who just heads out the door and straight into a run, I’m speaking to you! Even if you don’t feel tight or in pain, these exercises will open up the hips and improve your running efficiency, as well as reducing your chances of injury.


Do each exercise 10 times, and go through the list 2 or 3 times before going for your next run and feel the difference.