1. Write it down!

Writing down a goal or resolution and hanging it somewhere visible is a sure way to remind yourself about it on a regular basis.


2. Tell your friends and family

Making people aware of your new goal is a great way to make the goal more real. It also gives you a sense of responsibility and motivation to achieve your goal as those closest to you now know about it. As well as this, it ensures that your friends and family are not trying to feed you junk food when your goal is to lose a few KGs!


3. Keep Track of Progress

Worthy goals often take a while to achieve, and are seldom easily reached. For this reason, its great to keep track of small milestones along the way. Write down the distance you run every week, how much weight you’ve lost or gained, or how much your lifting in the gym on a regular basis. This will keep the motivation high and keep you on track to achieving your goal.


4. Be accountable

This ties in with number 2 above. Being accountable to someone or people is a great motivator as you feel like you HAVE to train, or eat well, or do the language lesson etc. Accountability can come in the form of a training partner, a blog, or a coach.


So there you have it! Implement the 4 points above and your changces of success will be great! Don’t forget that you can sign up for a free health and fitness assessment at the gym here!