We are depending on old Irish proverbs this week to show us the way when it comes to exercise, training, and sport. Weren’t our ancestors wise when they set out the way for us with artistic proverbs! Here are 11 proverbs, and 11 lessons to take away and apply to your training. If you have any more relevant proverbs, leave them in the comments boxes below!


1.     Lack of resource has hanged many a person

There was no doubt but that this one was going first. Without a plan, don’t even bother starting to train. Have a goal, and a plan to achieve the goal. Measure your progress regularly. If you are moving towards your goal, keep doing what your doing. If you are not, change the plan.


2. If you do not sow in the spring you will not reap in the autumn


Having a plan is not the same thing as doing the work. Its very important to have a plan, but it’s a waste to have a plan and not execute it. In real life, this means you need to put in the hours in the gym, on the track, and on the field if you have any notions of competing at the top.


3.  Food is a good workhorse

A car will not work without petrol, and a human will not move without food. If you want to reach the top, you must pay close attention to what goes down your throat. If you put the right food into your body, expect great results.


 4. The work praises the man

When somebody has got the hard work done, people all over will praise them. Did you ever watch a match and say ‘That player is just BRILLIANT’? Well that’s a man who has done the hard work, and you are praising him. Is it not time that you started to get some of that praise for yourself?


 5. It takes time to build castles

This is an important one. People often start out like a house on fire, just to get sick of it within a week or two. Start slowly, and add a new brick to the castle each week instead of trying to build the whole thing in a short space of time.


6. It is a bad hen that does not scratch for herself


If you have success in mind, you must be willing and able to do the work yourself, and not be dependant on others to do it for you. Also, excuses are worth nothing. As Barrack Obama says ‘Is féidir linn’. Here are some of the common excuses that are used. ‘ I don’t have time’, ‘I don’t know how’, ‘Im too tired’, ‘Im not good enough’, Im not (insert your own adjective here) enough. Damm the excuses, just go out and do it!


7. A trade not properly learned is an enemy

This is a simple one. If you are involved in a sport of any kind, be it hurling, rugby, football, triathlon, or darts, you must spend adequate time learning and practicing the skills of the game. Even if you spend five hours a week in the gym, you still need to put in the hours with the skills if you want to succeed.


8. There is not strength without unity

You will train much harder if you have a training companion. With a companion, the cloud of laziness and tiredness will not come over you as it does when training solo. Train with someone who has similar goals as yourself, and you can encourage and motivate each other.


9. You are not a fully-fledged sailor unless you have sailed under full sail, and you have not build a wall unless you rounded a corner.

unknownThis is a great one regarding the advice you get of people and various sources. I know the sports science and fitness world, and believe me, most of the information that is out there is garbage. Take advice from someone who is qualified, healthy, and who leads a fit and healthy lifestyle. If the person who is unveiling liitle gems of wisdom to you is unhealthy, or an eternal headcold, they probably got their information of a packet of corn flakes, and they are not talking from experience. You would not take driving advice from someone who does not have a license himself or herself. Obviously, you wont get better advice from anyone compared to that that you can get at ACLAÍ!


10. There is no luck except where there is discipline

Maybe you will watch the London Olympics this year, and maybe you will think to yourself that the athletes must have a huge amount of natural talent. Maybe they do, and maybe they don’t, but one thing is for sure, and that is that they have spent hundreds and thousands of hours training, and working towards their goals. Its not due to luck that they are in London, but hard work, determination, and a strong positive attitute. If you have success in mind, this is the only way.


11.  A light heart lives long

A happy one to end with. Enjoy sport and life. Don’t let your sport be the only thing in your lfe. Enjoy the company and friendships that it brings, and the improvements will come. We are lucky to be healthy and in a position to take part in exercise, so be grateful for that, and don’t be afraid to take some time off now and again to let the body recover.

And on that note, here is a happy wee tune to go with the proverb